Many Thanks

Story Book:

How do I begin to thank everyone in my life at this point? I was overwhelmed with the love my kids, siblings and others in my family showered me on my birthday, the messages received from my friends and former students whom I taught so many years ago….Simply put: I was blissfully happy and grateful toward everyone, despite the fact that this was also my first BD without my mom…I’ve missed her terribly but at the same time, felt her love, intelligence, kindness and loyalty through my children…

Thank you a million times, my beloved children. Besides grandma, you have been the source of unconditional love and inspiration in my life. You have given me strength and the courage to face and overcome every obstacle in life.  I am so proud of you and love you more than words can describe.

Thank you, my siblings, who put up with my “dreams” and supported me through all phases of our lives together . Many thanks to my awesome and kind-hearted, intelligent nieces, nephews, with your beautiful smiles. I am so proud of you all and wish you have the best of love in our collective family and in life.

Thank you, my most trusted friends, who gave me  great advices, constructive criticisms, ideas, and most of all your trust and love in me. Thank you for being there when I needed you, for giving me emphatic ears and most of all, being part of the well cherished moments we shared throughout the years…

Thank you everyone for being in my life and making it so wonderful, colorful, each and everyday. I wish you all peace, love and the wisdom to enjoy things and people that matter most in your life- now and forever….

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